We Need Devs! We Need YOU!

We need experienced developers to work on this project. We’ve received funding and will be starting in early January. If the page is still up, we’re still interested in hiring or adding devs.

What YOU Need to Do:

1. Read over the presentation found on our website for the project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F7aA9u93w0lwe9m_QlNSaJeMM02nnYE_6Y5u4fZ9vU4/edit?usp=sharing

2. Consider if you think you’re qualified to work on the project, or at least a part of it. If not, we still would value your thoughts and estimates but please clearly state that you do not want to be considered for the main work.

3. Message us with the following:

  • A list of projects you’ve worked on [Required]
  • Some references and/or previous clients we can reach out to [Preferred]
  • Your hourly rate
  • Whether you’d want to work alone or part of a team
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